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scrabble go reviews

I think they are phasing it out. Everyone reading this should complain to the Apple AppStore or Google App Store about this app. Here is my review of the Scrabble Go word game which is available for free on the Google Play Store! Pleading to Scopely will do no good. Scopely’s loud and obnoxious ads for other moronic games are not meant to sell these games. 1) screen freezes that lose gems, tournaments, status, etc. Thank you for discovering Word Master Pro, I will definitely give it a look. And my game partner I’ve been playing with for the longest time also enjoys it as well. If you don’t know it, there is an option for recovering it. It’s up to 1,111 as I write this. I play against Zoey at grand master level and cancel games at the start until I hav a bingo. However, I didn’t fully examine thepixiepit, perhaps all this is possible there as well. Plus you can change the points for individual letters also, I am pretty sure. Let me translate for you in terms that matter to you. If you are in no games, it is a setting. So often a male opponent would be scoring 12, 8, then 14 points before trying to engage in some conversation. We are very evenly matched, so it doesn’t matter to us who wins or loses. I play all my games in Classic Mode now that I discovered it, and there’s none of the BS. I average 3 to 5 lost rewards (get prizes) each day and today I purchased a package special only to get shorted one of the 5 chests included in the purchase. Scrabble® GO - New Word Game has an average rating of . Apple: Please beware and don’t let kids on this site too many creepy people out there. While $99 is pricey, none of the IAPs are hidden behind microtransactions and they are entirely optional. Also, thanks for the recommendation for WordMaster. You cannot beat The Pixie Pit for the real and true version of Scrabble for value it’s only $15 USD per player per year. No gems, no sparkles or flashing. (It lacks the recently added OK.) The alternate English (International) dictionary has all sorts of questionable additional words, like CH and ZO. I tried to download Word Master to my computer but apparently it can only be downloaded to a “device.” Do you have any insights on this? Right now, it only plays in a vertical mode. I’m truly so sad!! The interface could have been a little toned down but apart from that, it’s definitely worth the download. Compared to the previous app Thanks! If you don’t have to guess if something’s a word, you can keep messing around until you find one. This scopely version is for crap if you ask me. I have been playing it with friends for years. My average score was over 400. If I wanted to play against the computer, I would have selected that option. They’re better than Zooey, but not much competition for a decent player. Scrabble GO is rife with the gamification strategies that generate ongoing revenues, such as bugging you to get your friends on it and to make in-app purchases of gems and the like to get to the next level. One other thing that I liked about the EA app is that it kept track of wins and losses. The classic Scrabble game is fun, and the additional Word Drop and Tumbler games are pretty good too. All in all, however, Android Scrabble Go is an excellent attempt at bringing Scrabble to the small screen. Many thanks for posting about Word Master Pro, a wonderful app. Weird people ask personal questions (I resign the game then). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scrabble to Go at Any lawyers here? What can be done about the fact that my 85 year old mother playing Scrabble GO is constantly messaged by younger MALE players who are trying to hook up with her. New versions are coming out regularly with upgrades and I look forward to them. If not, read how to change it in help menus, say it didn’t help, then it gives you messaging to customer service, who upon request can switch you to Classic. Also note that GO is evolving with each new version. Or do I have to win a cape or some shit first? I thought the world at least could go on. Boo! Please let ScrabbleGo die an easy death and let Scrabble out of the cage. I wish I had found your blog b4 installing Scrabble Go. Try playing Scrabble here John:- You will come to a screen showing the apps you’ve installed. Tap on the Settings cog icon in the top-right corner to open Profile Settings Stay safe and well-verbiaged everyone. Any social media platform is going to have such trolls. Invented in 1933, Scrabble is the classic crossword-styled game where players create and combine words to score points. Almost enough to send us all over the edge! Thanks for your insight. So, what to do? Interface is a bit wonky but overall not too bad. The guys who do? I beat the bots every time I played them. I tried a few. They should just go stuff it. Copyright WOBS LLC. 2. I’m kind of a statistics nerd and while my 4533-1510 record over 8 some years isn’t impressive, I enjoyed trying to nudge my win percentage up. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. You can restrict the computer to not play any rare/unknown words, which greatly improves the game. Nonetheless, I’ll make sure to share your feedback about Scrabble GO with the rest of the team for review. Submit this and they will get back to you with a boilerplate email asking your for purchase receipt, etc. Then scrabble go will be GONE! It cuts out a lot of the puerile rubbish and let’s you play Scrabble. Was the one-time fee too low to support the service? ScrabbleGo is mind numbingly infantile and a sorry bastardization of an already perfect game. It also features a ‘Match of The Day’ and tells you which of your friends is the best Scrabble Go player if you’re in need of challenging competition. I must add that I am on the ‘free’ version of the App, so am beginning to wonder whether this is a ploy to get me to be a paying subscriber – if so, why not just say one way or the other, rather than keeping me hanging?! The latest version of Scrabble® GO - New Word Game 1.21.1 was released on . You enter your name, email address, Scrabble GO for the Item Title and Type in the order number you wrote down previously. Truly horrendous. What can be done about it. “Scrabble GO is a scam. EA even sent me a response when I asked: “After June 5, if you have downloaded the free version of the game on iOS or Android, SCRABBLE will no longer be available for play as our partnership has come to end. It works fine and is perfectly enjoyable. Scrabble® GO - New Word Game has 33 899 user reviews. Thank you for this excellent, very well written post! Enter your Apple ID and Password. I’ll leave aside the many complaints we all have about the user interface, stupid Zoey, etc. Thinking about adding the word to Wikipedia. Thanks for the heads-up about Lexulous. There would have been many ways to raise the cost without selling the exclusive rights to Scopely, the Martin Shkrely of online games. Two asking for money A machine. I can’t be certain, but it’s pretty. They could at least doe something for users based on 1) do they pay the monthly fee for no adds and Scrabble Club benefits 2) how much does the user spend on in app purchases. Word Master also has the advantage of working on old iPads, unlike Scrabble GO. I also now realise that I have been playing against bots for the last month, without knowing it! I paid 12.99 for it. You can install a free version with ads or an ad-free “Pro” version for $3.99. Echoing John Goff and Margery: You are a hero, Josh, for fighting the good fight against the travesty that is ScrabbleGo. It might just save the sanity of many of us! They sorted it out for me within an hour and I’m up and running. They don’t all play quickly, which is annoying — why are we waiting for a bot to get around to playing us? After trying to play the travesty that is ScrabbleGo I am so very glad i found this post. The 1st 3 games I had against it, it hit high 300a, but then in game 4, like a light switch flipped, it started playing comparably to me. Scrabble Go feels less like a serious board game and more like an action game. I feel I have been a good ambassador for the App, having introduced several people to it, so I am disappointed with the timing of the service response. We just play and pay no attention to anything else. is a media studies graduate who likes to write about cyberspace, culture and society. The only hitch is that I think you need to play the games straight through. They soon get the message It looks promising! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It doesn’t have to be different when you switch to playing Scrabble online. It’s highly distracting and takes a good 10-15 seconds; when you’re finally allowed to resume your game, you’ve lost your train of thought. Currently, the best scrabble board is the Hasbro Classic. So far so good! Thanks for this, I was very ha[[y with my old version of Scrabble, and loathe the new version. And let’s hope the revenue-hounds at Hasbro and Scopely don’t get in Luis’ way. Scrabble is enjoyed by so many people because it’s about a serious challenge The distribution of reviews on the Apple App Store is similar. I and all my friends I play with around the world detest ScrabbleGo and have complained-to put it politely ITS CRAP. I have had some of those games, you know, where you win 530- 124…. He’s fixing the rotation problem and developing a multiplayer version. There are also dictionaries for other languages like Spanish, French, Catalan, and Greek. Yes, wordmaster lacks some features like multiplayer and dictionaries. Scopely has made Scrabble GO for one reason and one reason only: to pelt users with obnoxious ads for crap that no one could possibly want. Rediscover the ‘greatest word game of all time’, now available worldwide on Android and iOS! but don’t blame them for trying to make more money!!!!! I tried complaining when I first read about the demise of EAscrabble – thanks for finding another option , Got chased out of Words With Friends with an upgrade I couldn’t stand. Am I missing something? Wow, thank you so much for this article…I stumbled upon it when I tried to Google whether “Kevin” was a real person or not in Scrabble Go, lol… That app was so frustrating with all of the ridiculous extras, but I stuck with it for a bit since none of my Scrabble app attempts have been good so far and I love Scrabble! Also there are romance scams. It is the ultimate Scrabble tool that also has a simple word finder and unique board editor. I deinstalled WM and am using Classic Words. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Scrabble® GO - New Word Game. They want more. I actually really like Scrabble Go, genuinely. I finally quit the game when a T was available for a spectacular play that might have involved both triple word scores. WM Pro is my COVID balm, the eye in this sh**storm right now. Mostly accurate analysis, although anyone can see that Scrabble GO is aimed at children and the bottom line. Unfortunately I just want to play my friends online, and with Wordmaster you can’t do that. Unfortunately, reviews from many women on the Scrabble Go Facebook page and the App store have commented that they are frequently “hit on” in the Chat by strange men. 4. I feel better knowing that there are others that loved the EA app and hate the foolishness of ScrabbleGo. Will be deleting it. ?do you enjoy it that much? When I complain to the help desk, they say i cant prove they are bots. You can try a bunch of different board layouts, including one with no bonus squares at all. Watch the XP Bar, I have found it is inconsistent when receiving points for tournament play, sometimes not even issued (I inboxed Customer Support when 2000XP rewarded on multiple tournament rewards barely moved the bar and they said they checked and all XP were posted to my account). That’s why the EA app is shutting down. I am 7still 0 yrs. You can play the computer as well as invite and play friends. Im deleting this game for these reasons and for many other reasons that I won’t go into. Your comment was in August….based on the timeframe I experienced, you will see the INCREASE in the monthly fee and the DECREASE in rewards an adult player would be interested in as well as a DECREASE in gems rewarded. No, they wouldn’t, because it would be a travesty to do so. More contact with other players. If I want to chat with randos I can just install Tinder. The staid old EA Scrabble app has a following, and, at least as far your comments reveal, no one in that following likes the new, busy, ugly Scrabble GO app from Scopely. More shorter word games. I contacted them and all I got back was a survey after 3 days to ask how well they had answered my question, which they still haven’t after a fortnight. It’s already legal in our family Scrabble board games. Is there an app with the same board layout and tile distribution as Scrabble that you can play yourself? Another man asked me if I was a boy and how old am I. I blocked him also. Here's a Scrabble GO app review, so you can find out if it should replace the other word games you play. Having said that, the title’s visuals can be a little overwrought. It still works if you just want to play against the computer or in pass-around mode. I realized that I’ve been able to zone this annoyance out because, while ads for other games do appear after you make your move, they only last 3-4 seconds before an X pops up allowing you to exit out of them before the ad finishes. It is developed by Scopely, who have also released the following apps. I think you can change the board to anything you like in the options which includes making it the same as the old Scrabble. My siblings and I have played Scrabble online for years and are dreading the demise our our classic game. I don’t know what percentage of the “players” that are actually bots, but it seems to be large. If you don’t like it that’s fine, most people do. You may have to also enter a “Two-Factor Identification Code” which will come to you by text or email depending on how you set that up. I’ve been playing one person on here for at least 7 years! Let us hope Scopely is on a crash course with their million dollar babybot! If you want to play other people, you’ll still have to put up with the ads and constant nagging to turn on notifications and pay for features that used to be free, like the “teacher” telling you the best move that you missed. And WordFeud is a decent option for internet play. Purchases range from gem bundles costing $4 to $99. I am not a toddler. And they aren’t even any good, FFS! Anyways I will try your recommendation next, although I really prefer to play with other people. If I’m going to be playing from my desktop though, I’ve always preferred the Internet Scrabble Club ( since its a real-time game, with a clock, etc. Money money money it’s a rich mans world. i will try Word Master when Scrabble goes away June 1. The Scrabble GO experience, and how to avoid it (including a review of Word Master Pro). I don’t see wordmaster pro on App Store??! Being able to exchange letters and not lose a turn is BS. ScrabbleGo is not the right road. Scrabble is a wonderful game, delightfully challenging. Scrabble Go is perfect for those wanting to log in for a non-committal game with a stranger but like Words With Friends before it, people are complaining it’s rife with harassment and potential scams. Could I at least get a good game out of it? Scrabble Go sucks for a multitude of reasons that others have already mentioned. It’s not easy to find for everyone, and I did as they suggest and contacted the makers. Input your search keywords and press Enter. Too often during gameplay, like after every single turn, the player is prompted to start another game with someone new. I keep getting either no vowels or no consonants, FAR more frequently than that ever occurred on EA. This new scrabble app is putrid In the meantime we have started playing Wordfeud which is a far better alternative to the garish and annoying Scrabble Go. So this is a pseudo-review piece promoting a most likely illegal copy of Scrabble called Word Master Pro. The time crunch factor seemed to hinder my game. However, something about Android Scrabble Go is so addictive and engrossing that I found myself tapping away at it long past anything resembling a decent bedtime. Every tiny space on the screen is clickable and leads you to another page. . It’s at 4.4 stars average, but there are thousands of negative reviews. Beware of social engineering and phishing! You play humans if you want. It’s got a great UI. Do not complain about technical glitches, things for the developer to resolve. 3. I don’t like being pulled into playing against what appear to be “real” people to find out that they are “bots”. It’s excellent: No ads for a small one off fee; a green tick tells you if the word you’re trying exists; the computer opponent is a worthy challenger. You can play real-time with friends or against the computer. IDK whether the Kevin bot is designed to play in par with its human opponent. Finally, to the OP, please note that just about every country in the world – and, I believe, every international tournament – uses the English dictionary, not the American one. Well, you were lucky, I guess! You are wrong about one thing, though. I leave the chat turned on because unlike the bots, human players will actually respond to you if you say something to them. There is a petition at Scrabble Go currently has a 4.3 star rating on the Google Play store, but there are a countless complaints relating to the game’s tacky and distracting appearance, along … If all the bile that has been released on this site were pushed onto Apple and Google, maybe something could be done. It should be available either free or very cheap., and not be a money maker for a bunch of obscene chiselers. is real scrabble with real opponents. Thank you for calling out the Scrabble Go BS for what it is, especially with the insight into the corporate mega-BS. Plus you could not play it if you weren’t connected to the internet, because they didn’t want people avoiding ads by going offline. I hope that guy gets that Master Pro going to multiple players soon. We’ll see how long that lasts. Boasting everything you'd expect from the classic game with the addition of exciting features and new ways to play. Playing board games with friends is mainly about spending quality time together. The Pixie Pit is great, I’ve played pure Scrabble for 20 years there, it has the 21 x 21 boards with 200 tiles there too ! I’ve had the “online dating” lurkers (block) and the scammer who couldn’t keep his story straight but he’s still ahead of me in the leaderboard (because that appears to be about how often you play, and not your actual score). Females rarely chat with me. This scrabble Go is ugly and makes me ill just Trying to play it. Here’s what’s different from the original EA app: I spoke with the developer, a guy named Luis Galandi in Brazil. My usual punishment for the bingo is to draw all vowels or all consonants while Zoey comes up worth a perfect draw. The company’s entire goal is to SELL gems. The distribution of reviews on the Apple App Store is similar. It routinely scores 450+ against me. Most of the recent reviews are critical. I don’t care about jewels and levels and leaderboards. Scrabble is popular among old folks like myself without much money and can give hours of pleasure. I miss the old game. But I have had respectful, genuine and friendly chats (esp. Help! Thank you very much for the information and research. Oh I so agree with everything you have said. (insert eye roll here!!). ScrabbleGO is nothling like it was back in April and the fact that Customer Service just blows off your issue or doesn’t even read it to understand, only to respond is a joke. Here is the resulting article from the BBC – I say this as a 57 year old lifelong Scrabble addict. Many of the people are not real either. There is NO WAY you could earn that honestly without purchasing several hundred gems. I’m hoping to become a YouTube sensation with it, but if not, it’s provided me with hours of entertainment, which is more than I can say for Scrabble Go itself. You can easily swap from one mode to the other following these steps:

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